Words you should know…..

These will not show up in Websters BUT you must know them if you work Real Estate in the Magic City.

So to help all of my Anglo Brothers & Sisters, here goes in an MLS Remarks format…..

WORD (followed by meaning)

This “ESPECTACULAR” (means really nice) and “GEORGOS” (means really pretty) home features a “WALKING CLOSETS” (these are deep closets that stay in place) and a “ESTUPENDIDO (this means the same as ‘ESPECTACULAR AND GEORGOS” cottage that is “GRAN-FADERR-IN” (this means that what you think is legal is really illegal). The JARD (means yard) has a “JELLO FLAMBOYANT” (this is a yellow poinciana tree). Home has lots of “POTENCIAL” (ok, I’ll let this one go). Please note home is “NON FINANCIABLE” (this means that you will not get a loan), So you have to pay in “CASH” (this means I’m low balling you).
GOD I love this gig……

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