“Cousin Fred, is that you?”

Yesterday was Thanksgiving which is a SUPER big deal in the Gonzalez Household as we invite a few folks and then those folks invite a few folks and before we know it……we don’t have enough food, which is the main fear in any Cuban home when there is a gathering of any sorts.

As in “Conjo, we don’t have enough food, someone go get some croquetta’s”

Well yesterday was one of those days as my lovely Wife was quite concerned with my purchase of a 15 LB Turkey as opposed to one of 100 LB because we had over 20 Friends & Family coming to dinner. She kept saying that this was the smallest turkey ever and whatnot and I did become a little nervous and that I would have to go get some croquetta’s.

BUT then out of the blue (and this is true) one of the guest arrived and she was all excited to see 2 peacocks (Peafowl) in the front yard and right there an then I had an idea…..what if…..

No that is not a Peacock (Peafowl) in the aluminum tray (that’s my undersized turkey) but what was really funny is the the Peacock (Peafowl) kept coming to the door and looking at my Turkey as if he recognized him….


I have been frying a thanksgiving day turkey for over 20 yrs, (it really is the best way to cook) and as I was preparing the Fryer I look above and what do I see on my patio roof?


Same Peacock (Peafowl) looking down on me as in saying “How could you be frying cousin Fred”…



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