And I can multi-task with the best of them……

Every morning, I get up and check Emails, Voice Mails, Facebook updates and of course I do all of this with the Television on a News program (this ensures that I see whatever cute/scary video that is making the rounds, today it was a bull shark eating someone’s fish).

After all of this I get ready to go to work and as I’m heading out I turn off the TV.

I’ve been doing the same thing for a LONG time so you would figure that I know how to turn off a TV……You figured wrong.

Today as I was passing by, I took out my car keys, pointed it at the TV and push the button.


Sad part?

You know how when your clicker does not work and you pat it to get it to work?

Well I did that too before I realized, “Jav, you have your car keys”.

This is almost as bad as when I lose my reading glasses only to find them around my neck.

How does this relate to Real Estate?

2 ways;

When I am at your home for a showing and you find your TV left on……the Key did not work.

When I am presenting a contract to you and I start patting my chest as if having a heart attack, please point out that my glasses are around my neck.

Thank you in advance.

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