A Big Bang and then….

All hell broke loose.

Being proud immigrants of this great country we take our 4th of July very seriously and celebrate by setting up a “tent city” (minus the overpass) on South Beach, this year was no different except the little surprise at the end of the day.

After much celebrating we sat down to watch the fireworks and just as it was starting someone noticed a little turtle coming out of the sand and a couple of minutes later there were A LOT of little turtles coming out of the sand.

Don’t know if it was the Fireworks or the Full Moon (pretty sure it was the Moon) but these little guys were all over the place and we needed to get them pointed in the right direction, so we went into preventive action which involved some careful planning (lots of me yelling) and A LOT of I Phones.

I Phones?

Yup, they make for a great light and the crew walked into the surf with them and sure enough the little guys did the same.

Very cool stuff and we missed the fireworks.

Channel 10 picked up the story this morning

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