Words you do want to hear…

So after the “Hey Jav, we have a problem” Call yesterday….

I got the “Hey Jav, we’re all good”

Which means that if you ignore the call and not freak, nor Micro manage other good agents they will step up and solve the problem. My thinking has always been that they should be given room to operate seeing as it’s their deal and they know whats been going on.

Which leads me to ALL the other agents out there that when I call and say “Hey, trouble in Paradise” (My code word for we’re F@#!ed) they all want to know details and get all up in my stuff.

Relax, I let you do your stuff, let me do mine!

BTW, I got another call this week from an agent who was worried about their side of the deal going bad and super apologetic and wanted to make sure I understood if they needed a few more days to close and I said…

Tranquillo Dude, I know you got this….and pour another single malt.

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