Miami Herald….Really???

So today the Herald endorsed voting yes to the No Bid, Melreese golf course takeover by Mas and some Brit named Beckham and while I am completely against this massive Real Estate deal it does not surprise me that the Herald would cave to any development interest.

I don’t hold the Heralds editorial board in high esteem as I got to see them in action first hand….

True story (and one of my 2 regrets when running for D2 Commissioner)

The Herald requested that all candidates for the commission seat come to their offices for a sit down to answer questions and in truth have a mini debate on positions. When we got there we were taken to a conference room with 3 board members and David Smiley who at the time was the local political reporter.

We sat down and when I looked around I noticed that Ken Russell was not present and I asked “Hey where’s Boy Wonder” and they replied “Oh he could not make it today, so we let him come in yesterday”


Regret 1….. I stayed and debated the 7 other candidates when I should have gotten up and left as the one candidate that I could not call all his bullshit was not there.


Guess who the Herald endorsed?

You guessed it…Boy Wonder.

BTW; there is a lot more to why they endorsed him…and lets just say it was an inside job.


Take the Heralds endorsement of any Candidate/Amendment/Issue for what its worth “NADA”

Vote No to Melreese, Strong Mayor and just to piss them off…No to the MRC.


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