Words you do not want to hear…

“Jav, we may have a problem”

Anytime that I hear these words and anytime that these words are used while I am trying to keep a “Train Wreck” deal on the rails, it always makes for an exciting day.

Let me splain a few things.

What is a Train Wreck deal?

Most deals are contingent on something, could be financing, inspections, attorney review…the color of the paint in the kids room…whatever…


The most funnest one of all is “Sale of Buyers Property”

This one entails that the Buyer (1) of your listing sells their property by a set date…easy enough.


What happens when the sale of their property is contingent on their Buyer (2) selling their property WHICH is ALSO contingent of the Buyers (1), Buyers (2), Buyers (3) property selling!

That’s a “Llama Maria” moment.

“Jav, what the hell is a Llama Maria Moment?”

It’s when so much shit is going to go wrong that you should call Maria so she can see this shit!

I used to get all worked up about these words when I was younger but after hearing them so damn often in this Gig I call Real Estate, I just hung up and pour me a single malt…

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