Why I like Old People…….

Closed one of my Condo Listing last week and the deal went smooooth (just like a 18 year old single malt).

No one bitched, complained, postured…nada just a nice, simple deal between to civil folks who had never met.

The deal was done over the phone, all paperwork was cool; hell, I met the agent for the first time at Closing. (this agent does not apply to the “when you should retire” rant) Was a pleasure to work with.

So why did this go well?

Both Buyer and Seller were……how should I say this…..let’s just say they were mature.

Old folks like me were brought up with some different standards, held up to different standards..so here goes the rant!

We were NOT the center of the universe, we did not always win, if we were not good at something we were not told it was just OK to participate.

You either won or you lost……ties didn’t count, it was like kissing your sister (which is OK in Tennessee).

Our MOM‘s did not need a @#$%^& book to tell them how to parent, if we misbehaved we got whacked with that book, simple as that.

In short we were not brought up as sniveling, little weanies that think they deserve a @#$%^& medal/honor/prize/reward for showing up to work on time for 3 days straight, or doing their job.

Oh and don’t get me started on “taking responsibilities”, “personal ownership” in short “man up”.



That’s why I like old people..

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