SQUARE FT this…..Part 2…

OK, so after several sleepless nights and several attempts to solve/prove “anonymous” square ft theory; I have come to the conclusion that “anonymous” is full of CRAP!!!!!!

This began a couple of days ago when someone left a comment on my “sq ft this” blog outlining a mathematical theory that disproved my sq ft myth.

After having a good laugh (on my behalf) I found out that a very good friend was sad that no one ever reads my blog, nor comments; so he felt compelled to be funny…….and cause me to have insomnia.

Not only is he (he is a he) full of it, he was also “corriendo me una maquina
Translation in inglish…….he was yanking my chain.

So as of now my “SQ Ft myth” still stands…..you cannot apply math to art….

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