Square Foot…THIS!

OK, so if you read my rants (and if you do, you need a hobby) by now you know that I DO NOT believe in a Buyers market EVER!!!!

Add “The Square Foot pricing myth” to my list of Real Estate whatevers……

The story goes like this.
Listed a really cool home in South Gables; as you can see on the link, sweet property but not very big square foot wise…..so as soon as the listing hits I get an email from an agent being a bit sarcastic (and you know who you are) with and I quote “sweet as key lime pie, smooth as a well made mojito…AND AT 507 a sq ft it’s a bargain”

Agent’s point is that I am crazy for listing at 500 a ft and I should be listing at the current sq ft pricing in the hood (around 275 a ft)….which led to….

MY REPLY; and I quote “Are you @#$%^&* Crazy”?

Simply put MR BIG SHOT Real estate agent guy, build me this home, on this lot TODAY for under a Mil…..YOU CAN’T, not today, not tomorrow and not ever….

Truth is Sq Ft pricing works when you have “Harmonious” product to compare, such as homes in a development with catchy names like “Lakes of the Oceans with Water Views Estates” that are located in “East Naples” and have been landlocked since the beginning of time….
“Hot, Single and Smoking Cool People Condo” in the up and coming district…..
“Custom Estate Home” MacMansion on busy roads………
If that’s what you are Buying/Selling then by all means Price to square foot, I highly recommend it
When you have cool, unique homes on large lots in a great location with kick ass curb appeal……..

Oh BTW; sales went up in Feb.

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