Offers and then some……..

Tough day in the 305 yesterday, should have avoided the “black cat” on the morning run.

Was working 5 offers in the beginning of the day and they went to hell in this order:
9:15am; “Sorry Jav, they have decided to look in the Gables” which led too….

9:48am; “Because of all the structural damage on report, we withdraw our offer” which rolled right into….

10:32am; “I will present short sale offer this morning, but I really have no idea what is going on” which flowed into…

11:41am; “sorry but the deal I had on their place fell apart this morning and I cannot present offer” which just to complete my day……

12:24pm; “Jav the bank is expecting another offer and will not respond to you” which just pushed me over the @#$%^& deep end…

12:52pm; I fired back, “well tell the lender that our offer is off the table” which led to the final insult….

12:53pm; from lender and I quote…”HAHAHAHA

2pm: called it a day, went home and hid under the covers…….

Not all news was bad, housing starts went up and the market gained some coin.

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