I’m not a Realtor,

But I play one on TV…………….

Going big time, If you want to see your friendly neighborhood Realtor on NATIONAL TV, tune in tomorrow for the Nightly News on NBC.

They will follow it up with The Today Show next Saturday.

So you ask “how did you score this gig”?

Well it’s because of all of my aggressive marketing, savvy personal relations folks, sheer brilliance in the Field of Real Estate and stunning good looks…………………wait for it………………

I bought and sold the Reporter her first home.

True funny story about our first encounter.
I was showing property and I had a listing across the street from my showing.
I notice that an attractive young lady is looking at my sign and begins to dial my number.

I told my folks, hold on, crossed the street and stood behind said Lady (this being Miami, I do not recommend this as I could have been tazered).

When my phone rang I answered right beside her with some witty words…or at least I think I did as I surely scared the hell out of her.

Thank god she had not acclimated to Miami yet (from Atlanta) and was not fully armed.

I said “see how good I am , you ring and I appear” and as they say the rest is TV history.

Actually, we did a very positive story on how first time home buyers can afford to purchase in this current market….or at least that is what I think the story was about.

Truth is, until it airs I have not a clue….

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