Tornadoes, Pirates and Pink Dolphins…….

Because of all these things; I (your faithful Realtor) was bumped from National TV last weekend. But through the miracle of TV, we will be on the Today Show this Saturday “live”.

Don’t miss it, I will pronounce that the big thud you heard about a month ago was the bottom of the market…or at least that is what I think I said.

Let me be very clear on this; not all segments are at their bottom.
Condos still have a bit to give (but not much in good buildings) and BIG tickets still have some room.

But as in all cycles; good areas are getting super tight, so if you are ready to buy do it sooner then later.

Listen up kids, you have about 6 months if you are trying to beat the market…and in truth I think you want to wrap up any purchases by July 09′

You heard it here first……Plus I want to take the end of the year off!

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