What View?

For a fifty year old dude I feel pretty good but every once in a while reality rears it’s ugly head and yesterday was the perfect….ugly head!

Went to my RE/MAX office, laid down my sun glasses, got my reading glasses, finished some paperwork and went to my car. Got in car, looked around and said and I quote “Damn, I left my sun glasses in the Office”.

Got out of the car, walked back to office and could not find sun glasses. Being in Real Estate and vanity being one of the great Realtor trait’s there are mirrors everywhere and that is when I noticed that I was wearing my sun glasses…….

BUT it does not end there.

During this whole time I was on my cell phone (another Realtor trait) speaking with a client and I walked back to my car, got inside and said the following to my client and I quote again “Damn, where is my phone?”

That is when I noticed I was holding it to my ear…….

What about the view Jav?

Same day, different time
Erica had sent me to look at an Apartment in Brickell and I went, took a look and left. When I got back I reported that I felt the A/C from another building was to close to balcony and it was noisy on the 52nd floor.

She said Ok, BUT what about the bad ass view from the bedroom?

And I said…..”Huh, what view?”

E; Your kidding right?

Me; “Nope”

Here’s the view I missed!

And this one….

After she snapped her fingers a couple of times I realized that I have seen so many views and so many places in my career that sometimes all I focus on are the flaws……

BTW; what a view!

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