Last hurricane…

I was directly involved with was Dennis and we were travelling to Cranberry Island on the North East coast (note to self…..Steven King could kill someone here easily).

When we got there we had to stay in Bal Harbour (no boat on Sunday) and decided that we would go see a movie (in the middle of a hurricane) and we went to see Julie & Julia.

If you have not seen this movie it’s about Julia Childs rise to stardom (and a bit of spy intrigue) and a Blog writer wanting to make all the recipe’s in her famous cookbook; Mastering the art of French cooking.

The main recipe that she tries to complete is “Boeuf Bourguignon” and we have decided that this is our “hurricane” dish…..

So, today we bust out the Le Creuset and cook away….

And as I told several folks who called me today; don’t sweat the storm….I’m in town.

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