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Every so often the “Powers That Be” (PTB) at REMAX, (in what I consider their way of humoring me) ask me to teach my fellow Realtor‘s something.

They will approach me and ask, “Hey Jav, in the mood to set back the conventional wisdom of Real Estate 50 years or so?”

Me; “Sure, been a while”

PTB; “What do you want to teach?”

Me; “No Clue, what you thinking?

PTB; “Don’t know, any ideas?”

Me; “Nope”

PTB; “Nothing?”

Me; “Nada”

And this goes on for a bit longer, as they do not want to be responsible for yet another “You sure you want him to teach that to our associates?” Conversation.

Finally and with much remorse later they blurt out “How about teaching a Blog class?”

Which I promptly reply “you guys read my Blog?”

PTB; “Of course”

Me; “Really”

PTB; “Really”

Me; “Lately?”

PTB with nervous looks “Ah not really, Why?”

Me; “OK, so when’s the class?”

PTB’s walking away and in a low voice……”told ya”….and they start having “THE” conversation

To be continued…….

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