What the Blog 2….

So after realizing that I had said “yes” to teaching a Blogging class to my fellow REMAX associates, the PTB had no choice but to schedule a date; which was this past Tuesday.

Class went something like this:

Hey anyone want coffee?

Cell phone rings and everyone looks at theirs, 1 person leaves the room….

Sure, got any doughnuts?

Another phone rings again, another one bites the dust….

Hey what about the doughnuts?

No doughnuts.

This class blows….

OK, so now I’m standing in front of a big white board (anyone who knows me knows I LOVE white boards) and riting (without spell check) and imparting all sorts of interesting, witty and informative blog stuff to the class.

Or so I thought.

What I was actually doing was setting back the art of blogging for at least …I don’t know, let’s say 10 years (stay with me kids).

After I had dazzled them with my vast knowledge of nothing, we had a Q & A and Folks started asking all sorts of difficult questions involving “tracking and hits and capturing and a bunch of other Internets stuff”, which my reply was “HUH”, then I did what all good teachers do………I threw my eraser at them.

So if in the next couple of weeks you start to see these topics on Realtors Blogs/Websites:

Dead Hair

Why do motorcycles have windshields?

How big a boat

Canine CSI

Who needs shoes?

Or for that matter underwear….

You are welcome!!!!

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