What a weekend!

It was hot as hell outside but our office was also “Muy Caliente”.

Don’t know what happened (must be the heat) but it seemed like everyone in the South Grove called me to list properties this past weekend.

All sorts of homes; some big, some small, some with pools, some with room for pools, some with all sorts of extras, some plain Jane/John.

Right about now every year I get the “Holy Hell, it’s hot and the Hurricanes are on the way and wouldn’t be a great time to get as far away as possible from Miami” listing calls.

It’s exciting, I go to a ton of Listing presentations (mine are special and worth a call just for the insight), meet new folks and promptly crush all of there $$$$ dreams.

Oh well, It must be the Heat…..

BTW; Welcome New Member that was brave enough to sign up (they never learn)……as to the rest of you who read this and are on the DL, come on take the jump….

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