Web Site Update

Something new on our site and you have to pay attention…. quick…. look to the left; cause it will only last a “couple of days”.

Every so often (“couple of days”) we’ll be posting different stories about our little neck of the woods… AKA “Mee-am-mi”.

Since Real Estate is Local and folks from all over the world read news about us, we’re going to use this space to really tell folks what we are all about.

The stories will be indicative of what our local Real Estate markets are doing; key word here is “MARKETS”.

Yes, Virginia (and other places a broad), Mee-am-mi is a BIG, BIG place and not all news reflects what’s really going on.

So stop by every couple of days, we’ll give you plenty of useless….I mean pertinent information.

Presented as only we can, should be fun!

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