Feed them…

and they will come!!!!

I know it wasn’t my good looks nor the weather that brought out a whole bunch of fantastic local Realtors……it was the home cooked Sliders.

Yesterday we had a Brokers open (open house for local Realtors) and we like to do some fun stuff to get the word out about our listings.

This particular home located at 120 Morningside Dr in Coral Gables, has a great outdoor entertainment area that features a complete kitchen and we used it to it’s full advantage.

We fired up the grill and cooked over a hundred sliders for our fellow brethren pool side.

Janie Coffey (see blog here) was kind enough to take some video and here I am on “you tube”.

Lots of fun at a great home with lots of good folks, thanks all for coming.

BTW; any suggestions for next week?

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