Or the perception there of…

Got a question today from a customer and it hit right on the my Value theme.

“Jav, is it me or is the mil market soft?”

My Reply;

The mil price is a funny animal (just like a platypus).

If the home is nice and priced accordingly it flies and you really don’t see it on the MLS for long.

True story;
Top EWM Agent just listed a property on great st, it’s a 3/3, pool, good sq footage, interesting home that has not been on the market for a while at 1.1

And it had a close to full price offer in a week.

What did the seller do?

Freaked of course and took it off the market.


Probably thought it was under priced.

I can hear the conversation now “but how can you sell it so fast in this market, must be worth more then we listed at”

AH No….”ienstine”

It was not; price was right on but more importantly, the buyers had been looking for a long time. They recognized that the property had value compared to the rest of available homes.

Moral of the story; If it has value they will come (and value is just not price).

Oh and thank god it was a cash deal, god forbid if it had to be appraised; then the Seller would have really freak!

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