“Wake up Maggie….”

“It’s late September and I really should…..” Be writing more.

So it’s been quite a while since I have been participating in the Interwebs and you may ask…..

“Where have you been Jav?”

I have been many places, done lots of stuff and continued to be the Go To Realtor in town…..just quietly.

“Why quietly Jav?”

Because I have been working on a secret project.

“Really Jav, a secret project?”

Yup so secret that I just found out about it.

“But Jav weren’t you the one working on it?”

Well not so much, more like I just found my password to get back in.

“Why did you not write it down Jav?”

Cause then it would not be a secret.

“So what’s the project Jav?”

A new website, with a new domain name.

“Cool, what’s the name Jav?”


“Yes, Jav”

You sure?

“Si, Jav”

Editorial comment: Why all the “Jav’s” on this post????

Because if you want to know about Real Estate

Then you….


Stick around, it’s only going to get better!




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