Someone gets it!

For years I have been preaching the fact that Home Ownership is not an Investment, it’s where you live.

And I quote from “Real Estate Investing Offers Only One Likely Outcome: a Low Return –”

“Robert Shiller, a winner of the Nobel in economic science, has studied this topic. His research shows that from 1890-2014, after accounting for inflation, home prices have risen 0.3 percent. And no, that’s not a typo. The data is clear.

So while you may love living in your home, it doesn’t make a very good investment.”

End Quote!

Also this little tidbit as a finishing line:

“For most of us, a house will be just that. A house. If you want it to be something else, like the source of your retirement income, be prepared for an experience that may not meet your expectations.”

Look’s like your laid back, flip flop wearing super Realtor is a lot smarter then you may think………and should win a Nobel!

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