The Miami Association of Realtors has done it again, this self-serving group that claims to represent us realtors (and who we pay their salaries) has teamed up with the wonderful folks at Zillow/Trulia (you know, the promoters of real estate porn and real estate scams) by offering us this “brokers will now be able to market their properties directly on Zillow, thanks to a new agreement with the Zillow Group.”

Who gives a rats ass about marketing on Zillow? These guys market your property EVERYWHERE through 3 party agreements where your listings are NOT protected.



Please, pretty please, in an effort to really help us prosper, just add a button on our MLS input outline that states the following:

Internet (No to VOW); By clicking “Y” on this field, the listing will be featured in ONLY and will not be provided to VOW (Virtual Office Sites). If you want your listings to be featured on VOW’s please Click “Y” on next field (Internet).

For realtors who want their listings to go all over the place to “market” themselves all you have to do is click “Y” on the current “Internet” field… and enjoy your hard earned listing being exploited by everyone who is sharp enough to do so (which is many).


Guess I won’t be getting MRA endorsement… idiots!

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