I’m Back part 2!

Back from Vermont with some serious hardware!!!!

So the story on this is my niece and Super Assistant Erica signed up for the Ultra Spartan Race in Vermont.

What is an Ultra race?

30+ Miles of trail running with Obstacles at Killington Ski Resort, this involves going up and down the mountain (without a ski lift) at least 5 times while climbing, lugging, swimming, pulling and in general doing stupid stuff for 10 hrs…….

Well we were going up as a support group but after several training sessions, I decided that I should also participate.

Since I consider myself in primo shape because I drink really good Single Malt whiskey, I felt that my training regiment was solid.


Most Realtor’s are Slugs but I am not.

I am Spartan!


BTW; Could not walk the next day…..

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