It’s the Miami way and I did today….

For those of you who have a life, you might not be aware that today was the first day of early voting for Mayor of Miami, City Commissioners and the real reason for this post….Cocoanut Grove Village Council candidates (CGVC).

Yes, for a 50 dollar entry fee (my check cleared) you can get your name on an official ballot and folks can attempt to vote for you.

I say attempt because you have to be a hardy soul to vote early.

First you have to care, second you have to find parking, third you have to make your way through a gauntlet of “paid volunteers” that will thrust all sorts of pamphlets at you.


So last week in a sheer moment of brilliance, I asked my trusty assistant if she knew anyone that was unemployed to help us with the campaign.

Well being of that”I just graduated into the worst recession in the whole history of the world” crowd, she immediately called 2 friends and low and behold…….they were unemployed.

So far, so good….had 2 folks that I could exploit.

But this is where it gets interesting; remember they are unemployed and I’m paying.

We contact the first person and all was set until they read my position on the 5am thingy.
Being young and energetic, they thought I was crazy and said “to hell with you, I’m voting for the other folks”.

Talk about bringing out the vote.

No worries I thought, I still have another person……HA.

Contacted said second person….5 times and after a “What’s it going to be, Yes or No” Meatloaf moment….they said they would rather not sit in the sun all day.

WTF; you don’t go to the beach?

And they wonder why they are unemployed.

Now where were we……..Oh yeah, get off the couch and go vote……OFTEN.

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