I can die now…….

OMG….I’ve been quoted in “The Miami Herald“, Mom go and buy the paper!!!!!!!

My dad would be so proud, if he had read the Herald; to him it was a Communist Rag.

Viva El “Diario de Las America”

They wrote a nice article about the CGVC and all of the hard work we are putting in.
If by hard work they mean staying out until 5am to feel the pulse of the community, then hard work it is.

I on the other hand must be pretty lazy, cause I can’t make it to 12am (see previous post)

BTW; I said more then emails, emails, emails and it’s unfortunate that I did.

The best was when they asked some question about something and I gave a completely different answer.

I think the questions was “and what would you do about such & such and blah, blah…..”

Who am I kidding, I was in a hushed debate about the Grove Playhouse with some State dude.

But knowing that no question should ever be left unanswered, I jumped at the chance to put my 2 cents in, with something about “it’s all about the people”.

Strong, Firm, confident….”PEOPLE”.

It was classic to see the faces of the audience, I just knew that I had left them all mesmerized with my wit, charm and intelligent answer.

Until I found out that the question was about “TREES” and the correct answer was “don’t cut them down”

Oh well who would have Thunk it?

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