Now its SHOWTIME………..

Early voting is over and apparently I was the only candidate that participated in scaring the hell out of would be voters this week.

What I mean is the time honored tradition of approaching voters; as if we were used car salesman (but not as classy) and asking them for their vote.

If you have not experienced this voter sensation; you are either an illegal alien or very smart or both.

So to give you this sensation via Internet, picture this……..did you ever see the movie “Euro Trip”? Remember when they went to France?

If not,

Rent the video and look for the part about “the nude beach” (those French ) well that’s what it feels like, a lot of men (and some women) approaching you in one solid zombie mass asking you to vote for their candidate.

I was one of them and no I was not naked; I was wearing shorts though, got to show a little skin to the voters.

OH and I was sexually harassed by some campaign workers as I was leaving today….

God how I love politics…

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