Twins (the final episode).

When we last left our dynamic duo, the “husband” had jut walked in……..

Now up to this point I wasthisclose to weaseling my way out of the listing and that’s when Hubby shows up.

We looked at each other for what seemed a lifetime….

You know, like in those romantic comedies where no one dies at the end?

Well with a sudden realization I jumped up, ran to him and gave him a BIG HUG….but in a Manly way…….

All of my planning to get out of the listing ended at that moment as we both realized we were “Cavaliers“….but in a Manly way.

In short, I had gone to high school with the dude and even done business with him in my previous business life (that business life could be a bad B picture).

So after traveling for miles and through what felt like a dozen time zones to get to the listing appointment, if I would have known it was him…..I would have phoned it in!!!!

Big world, small town….

BTW; anyone want a nice 4/3 with a pool in East Naples?

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