Twins (part 2)

Now we all know that Remax colors are Red/White/Blue (very patriotic) and when Erica showed up she was wearing the brand; red sweater/white tee/blue jeans problem was…… was I.

We looked like twins, only I’m a lot older, hairier and uglier.

This could have turned into one of those bitter “Prom night” cat fights but since we’re Family I just laughed at her.

Well we decided that this was going to be part of our ice breaker when we met these brand new customers (we had NEVER met these folks) and we would use it to our advantage……….to get out of the listing.

We had also decided that since this listing was in East Naples (west kendall) we would present ourselves in a….how should I say this….less then flattering light, and refer the customer to another agent.

I mean this place is so far west that we had to stop at a previous customers home on the way and pick up supplies; hell Lewis and Clark did not go this far west.

Well we finally made it out west; we’re laying it on thick as to how bad the comps were, that it would be difficult to sell, all the short sales in the hood, how the previous agent had done everything right; so I had her going in a different direction…………….and that’s when the husband came home and EVERYTHING changed.

That’s when I REALLY knew I was screwed!

To be continued……

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