Twins (part one)

Ok, so yesterday Erica asked me to join her on a listing appointment and being the “Muscle” in this operation I said “sure”.

She then let me know that the appointment was at 6:30pm in………………..West Kendall.

Now for those who know me, I have a special fondness for West Kendall, as I once occupied a home in this portion of the Everglades.

True story;
When I first met my wife she told me she lived in “Lakes of the Meadows” and that it was located in Kendall; she said this with great pride and since our relationship started with some nasty words (a classic story), I felt that I should not say anything bad…………

But I couldn’t, so I did and this is what I said.

“You live in the @$%^ Glades, watch when it rains (and it will) you will have walking catfish in your yard”

She said I was full of CA CA and that I did not know anything…….

Well it rained as it does every summer day at 2pm and sure enough out came the catfish.
Never questioned me again.

Now where was I?

Yeah, listing appointment in West Kendall….I should have known I was screwed when Erica showed up for the appointment.

To be continued.

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