New look, same Blog….

Well that sounds a bit lame…..

Ok, I made a conscious decision to change a couple of things on this blog.

I originally intended to do some local Real Estate “Stats” and updates but over the last couple of years it morphed into a personal look at my job as a Realtor and Native of this great town known to me as Mee-Am-Mi…..

And you know what, I like it better this way.

I have always felt that you must be true to yourself to be successful and when I looked at the “Stat’s” side of things I remember an old football adage…..Yes I played…….well not really.,,no I really did….sort of…

But I remember the adage and it was; “stats are for losers” so I say @#$%^ the “stats” let’s just have fun.

Oh yeah and for the changes…..

I changed the pictures and the font colors; I was good with all the rest.


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