Mystery Mail……

How exciting!!!!!!!

So, I’m minding my own business on line when I get an email from FED EX with an official tracking number and all sorts of links and stuff.

BUT that’s not the cool part; it’s from someone (someone to follow) in Time Warner and it’s from Hollywood!!!!!!

Well y’all might know that I am kinda of famous (in my own little world) and have been on the “TODAY” show several times, so I’m thinking; YES, this is it Fame & Fortune.

Now after gathering myself, I looked at the email closer and the someone who sent it was “Hollie Stenson”

Hollie Stenson, thee Hollie Stenson , Famous Actress?

OMG; I’m being offered the part as the handsome lead in a new featured film.

Ok, so I haven’t slept for the last 2 days awaiting the offer and today it arrived.

With trembling hands, I took the envelope and re read the:

Hollie Stenson
WB International Television
111 N. Hollywood Way
Business Development
Burbank, CA 91505

Could it be true that yours truly was HOLLYWOOD bound?


It was a check for 50 bucks for my gardener.

True Story….

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