Trulia Prize..

As promised, a follow up post to the “they think I’m special” post.

“Really Jav, you have to list the post like we’re not following along?”

Sorry, I need content.

Ok, the real reason why I got the award……..

Years ago when I thought that Trulia and other sites (like Zillow) held some value (and ethics…HA), I would share/write blog post about “Real Estate” stuff (who would have thunk it).

This came as a surprise to Trulia readers; as most of the other bloggers were either promoting a product, a project, both or in most cases themselves. I on the other hand posted stories for the masses (I love the masses), which highlighted specific information on different aspects of the Real Estate Gig.

While most daily Trulia post receive minimal hits, in my short term writing (I stopped in 2011 and only shared about 20 post), I have received over 20,000 views and over 1,100 customer leads.

Which is pretty good, at least that is what I am told by industry experts…(Read “I can’t sell Real Estate so I became an industry expert”) but I always felt that I was being “used” by these sites….So I stopped giving them my content for free and decided that “I was Special”…….

Just like they did!

No tengo Abuelita……

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