Get Smart..or Dumb…

I love educated folks…..cause they do dumb things!


I love uneducated folks…..cause they do smart things!


Educated folks don’t want to listen, uneducated folks want to listen.

Conversation one:
“Jav, my home is worth this +$$$ but the home I’m buying is worth that -$$$”

No it’s not, your home is worth what it’s worth to the Buyer and the home you are buying is worth what it’s worth to the Seller and if you don’t listen…..You are “Educated”.

Conversation 2:
“Jav, what do you think my home is worth for sale and what do you think I should offer on this home?”

Buyers will pay you $$$ for your home and you should offer $$$ this for the seller to consider and if you listen….You are Uneducated.

Guess who sells first?
Guess who buys first?

Guess who is smart?
Guess who is not?

Trust is the key here, if you “Trust” you must be uneducated…..

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