To Shutter or not to Shutter….

Ah, the age old question as when to put up storm shutters?

This depends on your tolerance of TV Weather experts and/or your own “self worth”.

But a simple guide;

If your on the Coast line or in a Condo, I highly recommend it but if you are off the coast and in a Single Family, well it becomes a bit of a gray area.

This gray area usually coincides with your level of testosterone and or lack there of.

I have the Javi Plan” and it has worked out quite well for me over the years; accept for Hurricane Andrew…..which I caused…..more on this later (tip 1)

The Javi Plan” consist of gathering as much info as possible from all the pros and then making a rash decision 2 hrs prior to the storm hitting.

It’s the Miami way and has been in practice since some idiot decided to build a home in this great swamp and wondered what all the fuss was about.

No really it’s more scientific then that; it involves what the category of the storm is, where it’s heading and how much scotch is in the house.

I have customers that actually drive by and see if I am implementing the plan, if I am…….panic ensues.

If I’m outside drinking a single malt, relax it’s not up to a Cat 4 yet…

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