Needy Mondays…….

So now I know what all you do on the weekends………You think of things for me to do on Monday mornings!!!

Today the calls started coming in at 7:49 am, then…

A small breather and off we went at 9am……..till you all got tired of me at sometime around 7:30pm.

The other day I was talking with some folks and they asked me how they could get into this gig.
They said that I always looked relaxed and happy (I did not tell them, its BC I drink) and they felt that it looked like something they could do part time.

Part time?

No, this is a gig that to be good at you have to be on call 24/7/365 (on line) and easily 12hrs a day.
We full times know when we are dealing with the PT’s when….

Calls go unanswered until after 5pm
Showings are scheduled with no time allowance or in the middle of the night.
All showings on weekends/after 5pm
Owners show their listings during the day

So while I might look really relaxed…..I work real hard at it.

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