To meet or not to meet………

I was one of the candidates that went down to City Hall for our last Council meeting in hopes of BSing my way into the Council…..and to be on TV……yahoo!!!!

But once there I (and all the others) were sadly disappointed that we were not given the chance to speak to our future constituents due to technical difficulties….

Technical difficulties as in “oh yeah, this is illegal dude”.

As I sat there watching this play out it again occurred to me that this is a difficult gig; that involves a lot of common sense and serious understanding of the Charters.

So as other’s questioned the procedure….made perfect sense to me that we were not allowed to speak.

And for the record the actual concern was “that it could fall under playing politics in City Hall”

I was good about the decision, it was correct.

What did sucked was that we all got rained on and no TV.

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