In Defense of 5am……….

So after my rant about 5am, I did what any good politician would do and took a poll as to my stated position (plus I want to get elected).

For those who might have forgotten my position, I am a firm believer that nothing good happens after 2am…….in a bar.

But to appease my constituency, I decide to go out and ask informed folks (those who drink after 2am) why they do it and I quote “cause by 5am I’m less drunk”

But my favorite and I have to agree with this was “that’s where all the good stories come from”.

Now while this was quite convincing evidence to extend the time to 5am, I still need more research.

So if you see me walking around with a scotch in hand…….remember research.

BTW; please feel free to add some other “evidence” to the mix.

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