This Thursday at City Hall, all of the candidates have been invited to speak at a Village Council meeting, and rumor has it that one of the hot topics will be 3am VS 5am for the local bar scene.

So here is my first controversial position (depending on what side of the fence you fell off of) as a candidate for Village Council……..let the chips fall where they may.

Now I have been out of the game…..like forever but I am sure that the same principles are in play today as they were before internet porn.

IF by 12am; you have not closed the deal than it ain’t looking good.

IF by 2am; she has not drunk you RICH or GOOD LOOKING then you are pretty much toast.

IF by 3am………………….Hell, just call it a night and go home.

Because trust me, if you stay,


Old saying,
Nothing good happens after 2am.
Been there, done that…..

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