Huh…No really Huh?

Have you ever had one of those “Conversations” where the other person………ASK, ANSWERS, CONFIRMS, QUESTIONS and than RECONFIRMS their own conversation?

I’m working on a deal now that whenever the agent calls me I cringe; I answer and hold my breath….cause I am not going to get a word in.

If you know me and I tell you the number is X, it’s pretty much X…..not Y, not Q but X.

Well this agent has gone the whole alphabet and still can’t get a grip on X.

So after several of the above “Conversations” where I just nod, the agent cancels the deal (Oh Happy Day) and all is good in my world.


3 days later I get the call “Hey where is the counter offer”?


BTW; Vote 4 Jav

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