Part 3 went like this……………………..

Yes, alot of DEAD AIR…………

For all of you who know me and have wondered how to shut me up?
Well just point a camera at me and tell me…GO……this is like “Javi krytonite

After Mark (if that was is real name) had trashed me in print, I went to video and REALLY completed the PR disaster.

I went into this “Windowless Room” and they asked me to sit on a little chair with bright lights and a video camera…..and then Dick Chaney came out……….

No that’s not true, it was more like a CSI interview (I’ve seen this on TV) where some dude just tells you to be yourself and describe why you “stuffed that person under your Winnebago“.

Oh and BTW; there ARE 2 dudes in the room, (good cop/bad cop) and they tell you look this way, chin up, don’t tap your feet, stop doing this, don’t do that…etc…..

I had all of these great thoughts, strong positions and brilliant insights to share
From the first moment where I said that “I was born on Secoffee Street” an obviously lie (I was born in Cuba) I began to feel like a true politician…..

No, what I really was………was not me.

I like to interact, to move and to answer questions but I sure as hell do not like to SIT.
I have been a problem solver all my life…..

I apologize in advance to everyone for my lame video.
If these wonderful guys from UM (go canes……) can piece a sales pitch out of my performance, then they truly deserve an “Oscar”

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