Lights, Camera………….AHHHH part 2..

Part 2…..

I got to UM (go canes…still a shameless plug) around 1pm, picked up a parking pass (actually Erica did) and we strolled confidently into the interview; which was at 1:15 pm.

We sat around, met another candidate who was WAY better dressed then I was and waited for my turn to give my “pitch” as to why I should be elected as CGVC.

And that is when “Mark” came in……I was not sure that Mark was his real name (reporter’s are sneaky) and he asked me if I needed a parking pass?????

I think he was trying to get on my good side by offering free parking BUT since I am a public servant, I refused the free stuff………..HA.

Well “Mark” introduced himself as a reporter for the “are you sure you want to run, WE WILL dig up all of your dirty laundry” blog and began to interview me.

He threw me a couple of “softball” questions like my name and if I lived in the Grove….. but then when he had me thinking “hell I can do this”; he went for the jugular and really threw me for a loop when the questions REALLY made sense…….

Like what was I passionate about?

Single Malts?
Sauvignon blanc?

No stupid, Grove Issues……..

Like had I ever attended a Village Meeting?
What did I stand for?

I winged it and said something like this……

I’ve been here for a long time and seen all of these “players” work the system and do everything for their own self interest (hell I saw it at the West Grove Meeting a couple of nights before) and felt that I had the time to get involved.


I know the game, I’m ready to play it.

Folk, Just a whole lot of common sense and a WHOLE lot of ..B….SPINE.

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