Realtor by Day……..

Candidate by night, or until I fall asleep.

Last night was the last forum where all of the CGVC candidate’s got an opportunity to speak and unlike my last video performance……. “I KILLED”…… or at least I think I did.

I was in a festive mood, cause the night before I had my quarterly Condo meeting which meant only one more (budget) left for the year.

Plus I had a chance to offer such vocal tidbits as;

I can sell ice to an Eskimo…or Sarah Palin

The Grove needs to promote itself better.

What happen to the CGVC website?

Hey I use to cook in the CGSC kitchen……….long story.

AND my very favorite………

We are a bunch of whining little spoiled brats that the rest of the City of Miami does not give a crap about.

It’s true folks, we are perceived as a privileged bunch and every time we raise hell we come off as elitists pricks.

So, let’s take a look at ourselves, regroup and commit all of our resources (dough/people) to what we believe in.

We all want the same thing, a vibrant village, a usable waterfront and a secure neighborhood.

Now let’s go get it……

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