Those stinking Jetsssss……….

The Fish won and only have to beat Brett and Jets (oh their weird and wonderful, oh Brett he’s a really keen) and win the division and make the playoffs.

Well if your in the market for a home and lead a loan, hurry as all the levels are falling like rocks.
FHA is at 375.0 and conforming notes are 417.0 and expected to go lower very soon.

Whats this mean exactly?
Well if your in the market to buy and want an FHA, your maxed out at 375.0 so say good buy to homes over that price point.
Want a loan over 417.0?
Every day the conforming criteria is dropping and soon you’ll pay extra for having a “non conforming note”. expect it to be below 4 in 3 months.
Oh and forget what you hear about 600.0 conforming notes, rates are based on “Local performance” in short what is the average selling price in Miami-Dade.

Good article in the NY Times yesterday outlining the start of the mortgage crisis, Read here.

Also want to welcome a new team member; Jessy Rodriguez.
He will be covering Silver Bluff, the Roads and Shenandoah for us.

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