Party like it’s 1999,,,

Hell, yesterday felt like 2005; 4 deals came together with 3 more taking shape, details to follow.

Yesterday’s delayed post was going to mention something I wrote a couple of days ago and the NY Times ran the article below on Friday.
My quote;

“From 92′-99′ we saw very little increase in monetary value; but we shared many great moments.
Then a law changed and all hell broke loose and we saw monetary values fly (we still were having great moments).”

That was my self righteous pat on the back…..good job Javi (no tengo Abuelita).

Finally after many days (180) I got my Short Sale from hell approved and started an office political war; I’ll hold this rant for a later day.

Short Sale part 2:
When we last saw our Super Realtor he was having a heck of a time getting a response from the Lender, but with some help from his office (see it pays to work for ReMax) he got a positive reply.

After 9 calls and one heartfelt plea; I sound like a little bitch begging and crying for a reply.
In the form of a delayed email (they had the wrong address) the Short Sale gods smiled on me and granted the elusive “True Short”
Now we have to close this thing.

As too 2005′ yesterday my phoned fried as 4 deals were coming together and one was falling apart.

Lets focus on the falling apart one as it proved another of my self righteous rants (Never a Buyers Market)
Customer saw a foreclosure at 324,500, offered 275.0 to start; buyers market right……HAHA and got blown out of the water by 2 full price cash offers.

live and learn, oh and listen to me………………off to show property.

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