This one’s for the ladies….

And a friend of mine; Our next president is pretty hot.

Getting ready for our annualnoche buena” dinner so I just finished seasoning the “palleta” and I smell a little like Mojo and garlic; essence of pig a new fragrance from Mark Jacobs.

Real Estate wise; this time of year starts to settle down but for us we are still finalizing deals and getting ready for January 09′ as this is usually the biggest listing month of the year.

A side note, remember the other day I mentioned a foreclosure and the fact that it got three offers on it and that it’s never a buyers market yada yada yada……….well guess what it started at 325.0 and yesterday they took all offers off the table and upped the price to 425.0

Welcome to Real Estae 101; if you want something, you’ll pay accordingly.

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