Stats, Predictions and more…………

OK, so this topic was suppose to be done a couple of days ago; sue me I was busy……

If you know me, you know I like football, you know……hell starting to sound like Caroline Kennedy, you know.

Well there is an old saying in the grand game that states “Stats are for losers” so “no stats for you”. Who gives a shit how many homes were sold and what was the % decline and % this and % that.

All I know is I had a great year, took care of my customers and made sure they were not part of the decline. In short I did my job… much for on to predictions.

Predictions, I have always been an optimist and I will continue to be one…….even though and I’m sorry to take a turn here; but as I am writing this Blog I just received a call from Ana that a good friend of ours has passed away after a long bout with an Illness (Maria we will miss you, you’ll always be in our hearts).

I don’t buy into gloom and doom, life’s too precious to be caught up in that mind set.
This year will be great, we will survive (Miami’s shadow industry will beat the odds) we will continue to prosper, we will continue to do all of the little basic things that make this world go around.

Read this little story about a Hot Dog vendor; in short you make your Magic.

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