Now where was I……….

Ranting about all of this doom and gloom and woe is me put me in a festive mood.

To prove my point, closed a property last week and we have another one tomorrow and if the Tasmanian devil birth short sale would have flown it would have been 3 this month….actually 4 we have this Foreclosure that we rescheduled for March.

So, your trusty laid back Realtor is doing OK so far.


Glad you did, as opposed to all of the sad sacks out there, I have never lost focus of a couple of basic principals in Real Estate;
First it’s a local business….So to hell with national stats, I really don’t give a crap what is going on in Tampa, or for that matter “Parkland” (I’ll get to parkland in a bit)

Second, “List to Last” I drill this into each new agent that I mentor, some get it some don’t….guess which ones make it.

In this gig you must have Listings (inventory) if not what are Buyers in this Buyers Market :) going to buy…..have I told you it’s NEVER a Buyers market?

Back to Parkland (and after this I will never get a listing there) WHO the hell wants to live this deep in the Glades.
Played in the Florida Panthers charity event on Monday; it was free.

After driving forever and running a sun pass toll (who knew they took pictures of your license tag) I finally found the “Country Club” in the middle of the Loxahatchee wildlife preserve, which only means one thing…..Alligators, Indians and Migrant workers. Yea I know it’s not political correct, but it’s still true.

It was hot as hell, big ass homes in the middle of nowhere (east Naples as I fondly call it) and nothing but Saw grass as far as the eye can see.

If you really want to detach yourself from reality (read lilly white) this is the place for you.
I’ll keep my hood any day.

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