"SS" Novella 9

Chapter 9 “WTF”

FEBRUARY comes to a close with no one inviting me to dance on Sadie Hawkings day and no closing for that matter BUT MARCH blows in with this little nugget…

Mr Lender; “Jav, home needs to be revalued because it’s taken so long that the original BPO is out of date”

Me; “oh Shit”

Mr Lender; “Did you say something?”

Me; “Ah, no just let me know when the APPRAISER needs me and I’ll be there”

Mr. Lender; “OK, will do”

Now Kids all I need is ANOTHER Appraisal/Valuation on this home.

Three months ago the first appraisal came in at 340.0, last month the appraisal came in at 358.0 and if this property keeps trending up the next one will come in at 400k. Last thing I need is for the new BPO (Brokers Price Opinion) to come in above the current contract price and completely F@#$ up this deal.

BTW; by now Seller is frustrated, Buyer is frustrated, Buyers Lender/Title company is frustrated and dear old Jav is in the middle trying to explain….”Hey we need another valuation!”

This is not looking good But “WTF”, bring on the new BPO

Soon the Comedy will become a….Classic!

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